American Express Saudi Arabia Inks Deal with Almosafer Business

Facilitating corporate client travel payments via the Corporate Travel Account (CTA) processing system.

American Express Saudi Arabia Inks Deal with Almosafer Business

American Express Saudi Arabia and Almosafer Elevate Corporate Travel Experiences

In a strategic move to enhance corporate travel management in Saudi Arabia, American Express Saudi Arabia has forged a pivotal agreement with Almosafer, the kingdom's premier travel company. This collaboration introduces a game-changing solution for corporate clients of Almosafer Business, allowing them to centralize payments through American Express's innovative Corporate Travel Account (CTA). The CTA promises to revolutionize the way businesses handle travel expenses, offering seamless management and improved financial visibility.

Streamlining Corporate Travel Expenditure

The American Express CTA stands as a centralized virtual payment solution, designed to simplify the intricate landscape of business travel activities. By consolidating and providing comprehensive visibility of corporate travel expenditure, the CTA enables companies to exercise greater control over costs. The streamlined process includes one monthly statement and reporting, fostering efficient reconciliation and enhancing overall financial management.

Empowering Businesses with Financial Control

Fahad Mubarak Al Guthami, Chief Executive Officer at American Express Saudi Arabia, expressed the company's commitment to introducing innovative products and services in the Kingdom through strategic collaborations. The partnership with Almosafer Business aims to empower corporate clients by bringing the convenience and diverse features of the CTA Travel Payment solution to a new customer base. This initiative aligns with American Express Saudi Arabia's dedication to offering improved payment outcomes for its customers.

Elevating Business Travel Standards

Muzzammil Ahussain, CEO at Almosafer, emphasized the invaluable nature of the agreement, describing it as a solution that promises a more optimized, personalized business travel experience. The collaboration reflects Almosafer's commitment to assisting corporate clients in enjoying seamless journeys around the world and raising the standards of corporate travel within the Kingdom. By leveraging the capabilities of the American Express CTA, Almosafer aims to streamline payment processes, allowing businesses to focus on the core aspects of their travel-related activities.

About American Express® Saudi Arabia

American Express Saudi Arabia, established in 1999, is a joint venture equally owned by Amex (Middle East) BSC© and The Saudi Investment Bank. Over the past two decades, the company has played a pivotal role in developing the American Express brand in the Kingdom. By combining the resources and expertise of American Express® with The Saudi Investment Bank, the company has expanded its services, offering a range of products to American Express Cardmembers and merchants in Saudi Arabia.

For more information about American Express Saudi Arabia, please visit American Express Saudi Arabia website.

In conclusion, the collaboration between American Express Saudi Arabia and Almosafer signifies a significant leap forward in the realm of corporate travel management. The introduction of the American Express CTA promises to simplify financial processes, empower businesses with greater control, and elevate the overall standards of business travel experiences within the Kingdom.

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