Qatar's Ambitious Plan: Digitizing 90% of Citizen Services by 2030

Qatar Strives for Digital Governance Excellence: Targeting Over 85% Customer Satisfaction by 2030

Qatar's Ambitious Plan: Digitizing 90% of Citizen Services by 2030

Qatar's Ambitious Digital Transformation: Center of Excellence for Data and Emerging Technologies

In a bold move towards technological advancement, Qatar is set to establish a specialized "centre of excellence" dedicated to data and emerging technologies, with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI). This initiative is a pivotal component of Qatar's ambitious goal to digitize 90% of its citizen services by 2030, as outlined in the third National Development Strategy (NDS3).

Aiming for Digital Leadership

Qatar envisions positioning itself as a digital government leader by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. The establishment of the Centre of Excellence for data and emerging technologies, especially AI, will play a key role in achieving this goal. The initiative aims to develop a comprehensive national data governance and management framework, enhancing data availability and quality. It also places emphasis on advancing system interoperability through improved data exchange layers.

Customer-Centric Approach

Central to Qatar's vision is the goal of achieving a customer satisfaction score exceeding 85% across all services by 2030. To realize this, the country plans to transform the design and delivery of services. This involves strengthening central capabilities in innovation and digitization, revamping the service catalogue, establishing Service Level Agreement (SLA) frameworks, and launching a one-stop-shop portal. The focus is on delivering integrated services, enhancing customer experience, establishing innovation labs, and creating a dedicated Centre of Excellence for service design.

Strategic Collaborations for Digitalization

To drive digitalization across various sectors, Qatar is actively collaborating with key players, including ICT providers like Ooredoo Qatar, Siemens, and Microsoft. These partnerships aim to facilitate advancements in smart cities and innovative solutions, aligning with the overarching goal of a digitally transformed and technologically advanced Qatar.

Performance Tracking and Monitoring

The NDS3 outlines the implementation of centralized performance tracking and monitoring systems for government services. This strategic move seeks to improve customer experience, ensure quality and efficiency, and promote continuous improvement. By aligning with international standards and leveraging collaboration with leading technology providers, Qatar aims to set new benchmarks in the realm of digital government services.

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