Syrian Source Indicates Saudi Arabia's Plans to Reactivate Embassy Operations in Damascus

According to a Syrian source, Saudi Arabia is poised to resume its diplomatic activities in Damascus by reactivating its embassy, marking a potential shift in regional dynamics.

Syrian Source Indicates Saudi Arabia's Plans to Reactivate Embassy Operations in Damascus

Less than a year after the reestablishment of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Syria, significant developments are unfolding as Saudi Arabia prepares to resume activities at its embassy in Damascus, according to a reliable Syrian source. This move comes over a decade after Saudi Arabia withdrew its diplomatic representatives in the wake of the Syrian civil war. The momentous decision to restore relations occurred in May of the preceding year, coinciding with President Bashar Al Assad's formal return to the Arab fold, a moment marked during an Arab League summit in Jeddah. While the official reopening of the embassy is yet to be formally announced, the source indicates that activities are poised to resume within the next two days, signaling a tangible step toward enhancing bilateral relations.

This positive shift in diplomatic relations was preceded by a crucial visit from a technical team dispatched by the Saudi Foreign Ministry to Damascus. Their mission involved laying the groundwork for the reopening of the embassy, demonstrating a commitment from both nations to foster closer ties. Plans to finalize these preparations are reportedly in progress, affirming the momentum towards enhancing diplomatic engagement between the two countries.

In parallel, Syria appointed Mohamed Sousan as its ambassador to Saudi Arabia in December, reflecting an affirmative step in strengthening diplomatic channels. However, as of now, Ambassador Sousan has not yet made the journey to Riyadh to officially reopen the embassy. In the interim, while Riyadh has not formally disclosed the ambassadorial appointment for Damascus, it is expected that a charge d'affaires will assume a leadership role to manage the mission during this transitional period.

This thaw in diplomatic relations aligns with broader regional dynamics, as the Arab League, based in Cairo, declared Syria's conditional return to the organization after more than a decade of isolation. This significant decision was made by foreign ministers at an emergency meeting, emphasizing the collective goal of alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people and providing them the opportunity to realize their legitimate future aspirations. The impending resumption of embassy activities symbolizes a pivotal step forward in the evolving diplomatic landscape, suggesting a shared commitment to fostering stability, cooperation, and renewed engagement in the region.

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